Griswold Family Association

2013 Griswold Family Reunion in Old Lyme, CT, at the Florence
Griswold Museum

 Highlights from our Annual Meeting at the Florence Griswold house and museum: 
in spite of rainy weather, the museum grounds were lovely, the restored house is a
historical treasure and our lunch and afternoon tours were most enjoyable.  Our
featured speaker was author Wick Griswold, who presented an entertaining talk
about the historical connections between the Griswolds and the river from the 17th
century to the present. Highlights included stories of the Matthew Griswolds of
Griswold Point, Matthew 2, The Champion, and Matthew 3,The Prodigal, also the NL&G Griswold shipping line.  

Wick is the author of The History of the Connecticut River, available  on, published in 2012 by The History Press.

 “Paddle from Enfield Rapids to Long Island Sound and travel down one of America's
most famous waterways--the Connecticut River. Its calm waters conceal an unruly
past, where native tribes lost ground to Dutch and English colonists who vied for the
river's immense economic power. The skyline of Hartford looms on the western
shore, with the gold dome of the capitol as a remnant of this robust economy
centered on world trade. Many have found a deep inspiration along the river,
including Lady Fenwick, a local legend; David Bushnell, creator of the first American
submarine; and even Albert Einstein, who contemplated the cosmos while relaxing
on the riverbanks. Author Wick Griswold takes readers on a provocative journey as
he traces the history of the Connecticut River.”