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  • The Griswold Family, The 6th & 7th Generation of Michael. Compiled by Coralee Griswold, and published by the Gregath Publishing Company. This long awaited publication is a sequel to the First Five Generations (FFG), specific to the Michael line. Notes have been added where ancestry is circumstantial, there is conflict in information, or to provide the reader with possible research alternatives. Like it's counterpart Vol I, it contains an appendix of FFG corrections and additions and for the first time, the GFA will be offering this publication in two formats: CD Rom (pdf format), or a hardbound book of 976 pages.

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HARD BOUND BOOK $80.00 + $8.00 SHIPPING& HANDLING = $88.00
CD ROM $45.00 + $5.00 SHIPPING & HANDLING = $50.00
$80.00 + $45.00 + $7.00 S&H = $132.00

  • The Griswold Family—Sixth & Seventh Generations of Edward & Matthew. $65 including shipping. Coralee Griswold & Esther & Robert French collaborated to produce the long-awaited sequel to the First Five Generations. This volume is a hardbound book of over 700 pages, published by the Gregath Publishing Company. The Sixth & Seventh Generations of Edward & Matthew includes the lines of the half-brothers Edward and Matthew.

  • The Griswold Family: Twelve Generations In England. Esther & Robert French, edited by Coralee Griswold: 1999, $25.00 US (soft cover) This volume clarifies many of the questions about the English Griswold ancestors – a must have for your collection!

  • Personal Ancestry. Available for those who have submitted family information or can connect to an ancestor in the First Five Generations volume. The Personal Ancestry contains the genealogy of your personal line only; the original publications must still be consulted for biographical information. Acid-free pages, Soft cover with comb binding, includes documents and pictures from our data base. New pricing: $35.00 to members, $80.00 for non-members.

  • A History of the Griswold Family Association (1930-1996). Albert D. Griswold:1997, $10.00 US (soft cover)

  • The Griswold Family: The First Five Generations in America. Esther & Robert French: 1990.
    OUT OF PRINT Revisions will eventually be published on CD with revisions; available through many genealogy reference sources. 
    Coralee Griswold has requests for used copies of The Griswold Family: The First Five Generations. If you have a copy available for sale, she will forward the information to interested buyers. Contact Coralee at

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To order these publications, print this page and mail with your check to:

Coralee Griswold
1024 Barrington Ave
Elko, NV 89801

Make checks payable to “Griswold Family Association”


PREVIOUS PUBLICATIONS: Volumes 2-5 contain errors which have been corrected by subsequent research; these volumes will not be reprinted.  Updated genealogy is available in our current publications.

Volume Two out of print The Griswold Family Glenn Griswold 1943
Volume Three out of print The Griswold Family Glenn Griswold 1976
Volume Four out of print The Griswold Family Charles & Edna Townsend 1962
Volume Five out of print The Griswold Family Charles & Edna Townsend 1970
Volume Six out of print The Griswold Family: Data from 1800 on  Charles & Edna Townsend 1978

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